NAPA Auto Parts Super DIRT Week Media Credentials

The deadline to submit credentials for NAPA Super DIRT Week XLV is Wednesay, Sept. 21 at 5 p.m. (EST). Requests received after that time and date will not be honored. All requests for credentials should go through, where you can register for access and then request a credential. All media credential requests must be submitted by a supervising editor, publisher or media representative.


You will be asked to provide:

  • Full name

  • Job title (ie. Sports Reporter, Photographer)

  • Email address

  • Description of the assignment

  • Tracks for which credentials may be required

  • Coverage dates

  • Level of access requested. Media members seeking credentials for events at the New York State Fairgrounds may choose from the levels of access listed below:

    • General admission only - grants admission to general admission (yellow) areas of grandstands and infield, but not the pits or media building

    • Pit access - grants admission to general admission (yellow) areas of grandstands, infield, competitor pits, and infield media building

    • Cinder track access with photo vest - grants access to all areas covered under pit access, as well as access to the cinder track for photographers. DIRTcar photo vests must be checked out from the infield media building and returned on last day of coverage.

    • Additional parking passes may also be requested - either general parking or infield parking - and will be approved at the discretion of event management.


Upon request approval, requesting editor and individual credential holders will be notified via email. 

Media outlets may be required to supply tearsheets as part of the acceptance process, and should be prepared to provide proof of coverage from the 2015 NAPA Auto Parts Super DIRT Week or from the 2015 DIRTcar Racing season if asked to do so.

NAPA Auto Parts Super DIRT Week XLV

Media Credential Request Policy

Media credentials will be issued only to recognized newspapers, news services, related trade publications, television / radio networks, websites, and local television / radio stations and must be requested by the editor or representative, sports editor or sports director. To be considered for credentials, the media outlet must met the following minimum requirements:

  • TV/Radio/Newspapers must serve regional markets or individual track market directly; one-time exceptions may be made for special interest subjects.

  • Trade/Industry publications must be a site "of record" for the sport, or provide coverage of events with a minimum of regular results coverage.

  • Annual publications will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

  • All freelance media must be on assignment and credentials should be requested by assigning editor.


All requests must be made in writing even if individuals hold a valid 2016 DIRTcar Series PRESS pass

Requests must be submitted through

All media requests must be submitted by the supervising editor / publisher and indicate the medium represented, tracks, the specific assignment, area of access required, and coverage date. Please include the email address and / or phone number for the person requesting credentials. Proof of coverage (tear sheets, video tape, audio tape, high resolution photo disk, etc.) is required from all outlets. Event management reserves the right to use submitted material for future promotions.

Meeting credential requirements does not guarantee a credential will be issued. Event management reserves the right to deny any request.

Cinder track access will be limited and it is required that photographers wear reflective vests. DIRTcar Racing will provide required vests for photographers to sign out in the media room and return before the end of the event.

Due to insurance and safety considerations, all credential passes are very limited and will be assigned at event management's discretion.